10 Unique Ways to Reconnect With Your Spouse – Part 2

Reconnecting with your spouse is vital to every marriage but often neglected in most relationships. Spending time with our spouse can sometimes seem like another item on our “to-do” list that we need to “check off”.

It has so much more value than we might think though. Many couples complain of stagnant relationships, passionless nights, and a “roommate” mentality towards each other. But when given a little effort, daily and weekly habits can rekindle the flame and connection that gets seemingly lost amidst the chaos of schedules.

We began our 3-part series with the first 3 ways to reconnect with your spouse.

This is the second part that will take your “reconnecting dates” out of the house for something a little more special and unique!


4) Arrange to do something your spouse has been wanting to do.

Picture it. You tell your husband that you got tickets to see the Monster Jam show that’s in town that weekend. Or you let your wife know that you booked a babysitter for that Friday night so the two of you can go see that romantic movie she’s been hinting at wanting to see (yes, I’m being super stereotypical right now, but you get the point!).

Imagine how that would make your spouse feel! You thought of your partner and considered his/her desires above your own. In relationships, it’s very common for one person to always be the one to “give in” when it comes to doing activities together. We are reluctant to do the thing our spouse wants to do because we think, “This is suppose to be something for the BOTH of us to do together.” But when you’re working at reconnecting with your spouse, it’s important to put them first.

Many couples have a limited number of activities that they both would enjoy doing. Options become scarce. Envisioning something your spouse would love doing and then making that happen would make your spouse feel like the center of the world – even for one night!

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It’s amazing how connected you will feel to your spouse throughout this date night. The smile on his face, the sparkle in her eyes – you will be astonished at how you both will respond to the other in love.


5) On your scheduled date night, make NO plans.

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes figuring out what to do can be frustrating and downright irritating as you keep asking, “What do you want to do?” “I don’t care, what do you want to do?”

No one wants to hear the phrase “I don’t care” when it comes to scheduling time together for your relationship. In an effort to have our partner decide the plans, however, this gets used more often than it should. We should always “care” what we’re going to do, especially when it comes to spending time and reconnecting with our spouse.

Sometimes making NO plans at all – purposefully! – can be a change of pace and an exciting approach to your date night.

This idea came to me when my husband and I planned a date night, but our plans fell through. So we headed out on the town driving around and spontaneously chose what we were going to do next. It was a lot of fun and made us feel really connected as we turned a bad situation into a good one. We were both surprised how easy it came to just “fly by the seat of our pants” and randomly choose our next activity.


6) Go out and get HIM a new outfit.

Yes, I realize how borderline ridiculous this might sound! But hear me out.

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Many men (not all, because I know that some men are fabulous shoppers/dressers!) don’t put too much thought into their wardrobe. On the contrary, many women love to shop and it doesn’t take much convincing at all to get us into our favorite clothing store!

Men are typically “in-and-out” shoppers – they get their necessities and get out. The whole shopping experience can be taken to another dimension, though, when they have a little assistance – YOU!

That’s right! You know what your man’s style is and what he likes. And when you start digging through the clearance racks or picking out items for him to try it, it creates a very intimate feeling between the two of you. He will feel like the center of attention and most importantly, YOUR attention.

By the way, this can work just as well in reverse! Some women despise shopping and avoid it at all costs. Men, take your lady out and make her feel beautiful in the way that only you can!

It’s so incredibly easy to find yourself in a rut when it comes to your scheduled date nights. You might even wonder at the end of the evening why you bother at all. By switching it up and doing something out of the ordinary, new conversations, laughter, and exchanged looks will happen naturally. Take a chance and take care of those embers in your marriage so they can burn brighter once again. Make reconnecting with your spouse an adventure!

Tell us ways you spice up your date night in the comments below!


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  1. I love these ideas! Hubby and haven’t gotten out much lately, so this gives me some good ideas. I love the idea of not scheduling anything, because depending on what other activities we end up having that day, there have been times that we haven’t really wanted to do what we had scheduled.

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