About Me

Hello and welcome to my page for my blog, Journeys To Simple. I’m your messy, minimalist mom making motherhood matter! I’m learning the art of coordinating chaos as a mom of 5 and I hope to encourage and offer advice to moms on their own beautiful journeys of motherhood.


It is one of the hardest paths I’ve walked in life – it’s also one of the loneliest. Countless times I feel like I’m on my own in the world, with the sole responsibility of raising these tiny humans according to the Gospel.
And then God provides me the blessing of talking with another mom and I realize, I am not alone. We, the mothers of the world, are united in our incredible mission of caring for our children – God’s children. And above all HE is with us always, even in our darkest hour of sobbing on the bathroom floor in utter exhaustion and frustration.

I hope that you, sweet mama, can find comfort, encouragement, and laughter as you read the pourings of my heart and know without a doubt –


You are loved, treasured, and valued.

And while our journeys may seem difficult and challenging, I want to share ways that you can keep your home simple and focused on what REALLY matters in life – FAITH and FAMILY.

Marifaith, your Journeys mama