Baby Bottles: Ditch the Plastic and Go Glass!

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When I started to look into decreasing the toxic products in my house, one of the first things we did in the kitchen was to get rid of all those cheap plastic containers. We replaced them with glass and loved it! It became so much easier to reheat leftovers (whether in the microwave or oven) and it actually ended up decreasing our dirty dishes.

But when it came to the baby, we still had the plastic bottles. We’ve always used Avent because it’s worked for us and I like the bottle nipples. So I looked into other options and found the glass version,   I LOVE these bottles! They are so easy to clean and never get that filmy grime that plastic bottles seem to get on the inside. They come in 4oz and 8oz sizes; I have 2-3 of both.

I have always had to go back to my part-time job relatively early after having my babies, so bottles have been a necessity for my little ones. They have interchangeable nipples – I have found that my babies like the Natural style as it mimics the breast nipple pretty accurately. They have various flow speeds from 1-3, which can grow with your baby.

I’m constantly being asked the never ending question: “Don’t they break when your baby drops it or throws it?” That’s wear these bottle protectors come in handy. These things are amazing! They are dishwasher safe, so you can put the whole bottle in the dishwasher without having to remove the cover every time. The cover slides on and off pretty easily when wet; it can be trickier if you try putting them on dry! They dry with the cover on if you don’t use a dishwasher. My bottles have rolled out of the car onto the cement ground, dropped out of my baby bag, have slipped from the counter top onto the kitchen floor, and have been tossed out of the crib by my babies. The glass bottle itself is so durable and then add these silicone protectors and the things are practically indestructible. Plus, they come in fun colors!


My Avent glass bottles all decked out in their OlaBaby silicone sleeves.


As mentioned before, the tops can be used for both sizes and come with different options. My only complaint is that the tops need to be twisted on just right, otherwise they will leak – but that usually happens when I’m in a hurry and don’t line up the ridges correctly! Just shake it over the sink once or twice before giving to baby and you’ll know if it’s on right or not!

Close up of the Natural flow nipple.

Having glass bottles has given me a piece of mind when it comes to toxic chemicals. I can rest easy knowing that nothing harmful is getting into my baby’s milk every day. If I don’t want to use plastic for my food, why would I want it for my baby either? (and yes, I know they all say BHA-free but there are other toxins out there that they use to create plastic products).

What have you found to be the best system when it comes to keeping your baby’s bottles toxin-free?



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