From Dirty To Clean: A Safe Swap for Your Makeup Bag

Makeup is a very personal area of beauty for women but unforunately, the majority of makeup brands are packed for of toxic, harsh chemicals that are linked to many health disorders (respiratory issues, cancer, endocrine disruptors, etc.). The beauty industry runs unregulated by the FDA, so literally anything and everything can be found in our cosmetics (like formaldhyde!). So more and more women are turning to the green beauty industry to provide them with clean replacements for the “dirty” products residing in their makeup bags.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve tried quite a few brands of makeup from a variety of different stores, but nothing ever seemed to work. It’s been a huge struggle for me to find a makeup that didn’t 1) give me some sort of skin reaction and 2) didn’t make my eyes itch and water. I was tired of wasting money at department stores and regular drugstore trying out makeup that would always prove to once again, be completely inadequate and detrimental for my face.

After making some serious changes in our family regarding clean living earlier this year, I finally turned my sights to finding a clean brand of cosmetics that would actually perform and NOT have ingredients that would put my health at risk. I tried some relatively “clean” brands and while (most of) the ingredients were safe, the performance aspect was not there. I’m a mom and have extremely active kids; nothing seemingly could hold up against the unavoidable “sheen” (yes, that’s what we will call it!) that I would get throughout the day from chasing kids, holding, babies, cooking in the kitchen, working, coaching swimming, church services, you name it.

So I put out an inquiry on the local Facebook “crunchy moms” page that I’m part of. And I was introduced to Crunchi.

It was incredible learning about a makeup line that put your health above using toxic ingredients, and that the founders sole mission was about educating women about safe beauty. Then I actually put on the makeup and was blown away. The primer felt like this wash of pure hydration being splashed onto my face. It is made from Rosehip, Avocado, and Jojoba Oils and boy, can you tell! Thicker than a normal moisturizer, the line’s Smart Primer fills in fine lines and minimizes the appearance of pores (yes, please!).

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The “trifecta” of the Crunchi line to create a beautiful, airbrushed finish to your makeup application.


The foundation (which is an award-winning product) smelled incredible and went on so smooth and velvet-like. I didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything on, but the image in the mirror told a different story! The Beautifully Flawless Foundation comes in six shades with two more coming soon. I loved the coverage that this foundation gives without having the loose titanium powder (which is linked to lung cancer when inhaled) that most powder foundations have. It’s also extremely buildable and when applied with the Flat-Top Foundation Brush (made from vegan bristles and extremely soft), it gives a smooth, airbrushed finish to your skin.

The eyeshadows come in 13 different colors and blend beautifully with one another. Personally, I love the colors Fearless, Champagne Pop, and Faux Suede!

I wanted to lick my lipgloss because it smelled like cookies from the vanilla fruit extract and was so soft and creamy instead of sticky and heavy like every other lipgloss I had ever work before. I’m now a lipgloss addict – I have to have one in every one of my bags. The variety of colors are sure to appease to everyone – you have a clear gloss, shades of light bronze and pink, a ballet pink, and then a few colors ranging in the reds. They pair very well with the lipsticks Crunchi offers or by itself.

And finally, my eyes were happy! I had found mascara (created with green tea fibers to help naturally lengthen and volumize lashes) that didn’t make my eyes crusty, watery, and itchy. I wore the makeup the rest of the day (even took a nap!) and it stayed, which was another huge plus in my book. This mama needed something that wasn’t going to be rubbed off by little ones.

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After researching all the harmful ingredients and health effects of the beauty industry, I knew almost immediately that I wanted to be a part of something that went against the mainstream flow and truly wanted to educate and provide to women a beauty option that would not only be safe for them, but nourishing and effective as well.

So I became a Crunchi girl not only for myself, but for my little girl. I want her to grow up with clean makeup (because at 2 she already wants to be just like mommy and put “her makeup on”!). The products that she grows up with is what she will take with her when she leaves our home, and I want to give her this – an alternative where she won’t have to sacrifice her health for her beauty or her beauty for her health.


This post talks about how dangerous our daily exposure to all these toxins is, including this short video about our current makeup products. Are you willing to make the change? Are you ready to eliminate one more area of daily exposure to toxic ingredients? It takes one step, one mental decision to finally put your foot down and say “No!” to the beauty industry and “Yes!” to your health!

Comment below or send me an email at and I’d love to answer any questions you might have about safe beauty and help you maximize your health and natural beauty!