Cleaning Makeup Brushes Naturally

A Simple Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Naturally

Makeup brushes can be very important to many women’s beauty application. Personally, I had never used makeup brushes until I tried the flat-top foundation brush to apply my foundation and have never looked back! It’s the softest thing I’ve ever put on my face! After using it for a bit though, I knew it needed to be cleaned and suddenly I was too chicken to try cleaning it. I was legitimately afraid I was going to ruin them somehow.

Thankfully, I discovered that cleaning my makeup brushes naturally was easy and painless. Most importantly, I didn’t destroy my beloved tools. All it took was some warm water, gentle cleanser (safe and toxin-free), and proper handling of the brushes.

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My brushes with my favorite clean gentle wash.

The gentle cleanser I recommend is Zum Wash Frankincense & Myrrh. This hand and body wash smells absolutely amazing! It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients that would be dangerous to your health. Since the ingredients are so clean and gentle, it’s the perfect formula to use on your brushes so they won’t be damaged over time. And since I expect them to last me quite awhile, this was comforting to know!

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Step 1: Rinse your brush under warm water.

Step 1

First, rinse your brush under warm water. Be sure to keep it angled downward throughout this entire process. If you tilt the brush up, water will run down into the handle part and over time, create mold and buildup that you definitely don’t want to have!

Step 2

Gently squeeze the excess water off. This will help the soap to go right onto the bristles for cleaning.

Pump a dime-sized amount of soap on your fingers and wash brush.

Step 3

Now it’s time to soap up your brush. Start off with about a dime-size amount of soap on your fingertips, and work it into a lather (remember to keep brush tilting downwards!). Make sure you are rubbing the bristles inside, especially on your foundation and blush brushes as they tend to hold the makeup.  You will be amazed how clean they will get! You might have to rinse and repeat if it’s been awhile since you’ve thoroughly cleaned your brushes.

Lean brushes up against something to allow water to drain off of brushes.

Step 4

After making sure those bristles are completely clean, it’s time to dry them out. Once again, tilt your brushes down as best as you can to make sure the water doesn’t go back up into the brush. Depending on where you have the space, you can lean them up against your kitchen counter wall or tilt them against a book or two. Throughout the drying period, I will usually rub the ends on my skin to get the excess water off the tips. They will need a good 12 hours or so to completely dry out (if not more).

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It’s as simple as that! You will not regret getting this hand and body cleanser – I love how not only my hands smell afterwards, but my brushes as well! It does come in other scents, but this is by far the most popular. And it actually does the job. Below are some pictures with a before and after comparison of my foundation and blush/bronzer brush:

Before vs. After on my Flat Top Foundation Brush

I had previously rinsed off the brush on the left side first without the soap. Clearly, you can see the difference once I used the Zum Wash.

Before vs. After on my Blush/Bronzer brush.

I think the pictures say it better than words ever could! I’m incredibly happy that I’ve found a clean wash that really does work! And with how good it smells, I might just be getting another one for my personal body wash!

What have you been using to wash your makeup brushes?

Cleaning makeup brushes naturally

Cleaning makeup brushes naturally
How to properly clean your makeup brushes naturally without using harsh, toxic chemicals. This is the best way to clean makeup brushes with dish soap.

18 thoughts on “A Simple Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Naturally”

  1. Interesting! I can NEVER find anything to clean my brushes with and I end up using what soap there is around the house. I have seen the brush cleaners here and there but never picked one up. When I do decide to get one, Iā€™d give this one a try. Thanks!

    • I am too! When I finally did, I couldn’t believe how dirty they were! Made me feel so much better seeing them in their original state and smelling so good! šŸ™‚

  2. I always postpone the make-up brush cleaning. I know it is vital but I have to wait for ages until they are completely dry. Probably this is the thing which stops me. Please give me an advise. How often should we clean the make-up tools? Is there a standard routine like once a month or a week? I appreciate it a lot. Thanks in advance.

    • Depending on how often you use them, they should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks. Sad, I know! But I do notice such a difference in the application process when they are clean!! What kind of brushes do you use? That might depend on how long they take to dry. Mine do take overnight at least!

  3. This is great! I absolutely LOVE my makeup brushes! I actually use Dawn dishwashing liquid with some extra virgin olive oil and mix it in with water (making a concoction). Then I clean the brushes how you described in your post! I love the way my brushes turn out! And if Iā€™m feeling extra special I condition the brushes too lol.

  4. Great tips, I have been trying find something to clean my brushes, I used this spray but I felt like it wasn’t doing its job. Definitely going to try this

  5. I just started trying to use safer cosmetics. I’ll have to try out the crunchi brand you mentioned. Also, I have a different brush cleaner, but it’s probably not toxin free. Will have to check that out as well!

    • Switching to Crunchi totally changed my whole beauty outlook. They have sample foundation cards which is awesome to try out and shade match! If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them, help you out! You can always email me at šŸ™‚

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