Simple Doesn’t Happen Overnight

A journey by definition is “an act of traveling from one place to another.” And I really feel that adequately describes what me and my family has been going through for the past five years! It has recently taken a very serious turn lately with our entrance into the land of “whole foods-plant based” eating, which got me thinking about how much of a change this truly is for us…and then I got to thinking, if I’ve been this overwhelmed and mentally exhausted trying to make these changes happen, I bet other moms and dads are too! After all, it’s not just one journey but multiple journeys on the path to healthier living.

Thus the conception for Journeys To Simple took place. I looked back over our life for the past five years and I’ve learned so much in the areas of cloth diapering, non-toxic products, bodily health, medications, essential oils, home remedies, minimalism, body/beauty products, fitness, and nutrition. And hopefully what I’ve implemented after countless of hours of research, reading, and hands-on experience will help you as you find and travel down your own personal journey of health and happiness in raising your family.

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Attempting to reclaim our prior existence of simplicity is anything but that. In fact, it can be very complicated to “DIY” and establish new habits and routines in your household. It takes consistency and baby steps, finding small changes that you feel comfortable with and that are possible to make. But every little step counts towards eliminating this huge toxic cocktail that has overpowered and rules our existence. Going back to the basics requires serious effort, thought, and commitment…which often seems impossible for us to achieve. So why do it?

This is why I do it. For these little beings. My pride and joy – what I get up every day even when I’m exhausted and grumpy and would rather just curl back under the covers. They need me in so many ways, and my job as their mom is to see that they get the best start in life that I can possibly give them. So this blog is dedicated to my children, and your children, and all the kids out there whose parents are doing their absolute best in providing them love, care, safety, health, and the best future physically possible!

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Thanks for visiting and reading, and hopefully I can help make your travels just a bit simpler in this world inundated with information and sources that can overwhelm you! I would love to hear from you, and you can always contact me with questions, suggestions, or your story of your journey back to simple!