16 non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

Non-Candy Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Kids

This year I went on the hunt for non-candy Valentine’s ideas for kids to make instead of buying the usual candy. Valentine’s Day has become so commercialized and inundated with candy, plastic toys, and other unnecessary items. The candy just adds to the never-ending flow of processed sugar (that I try to keep our family away from!) and the goody bags of clutter end up either in the far corners of my house or in the trash! But I’m so excited to see some amazing non-candy Valentine’s ideas for kids that you can make for school parties or for a fun project for your homeschooling day!

I looked for different ways to approach Valentine’s Day with my kids. Even though we homeschool, Valentine’s Day can still be fun for them by sending DIY crafts and cards to family and friends. I found these 16 non-candy Valentine’s card and gift ideas for kids that were my favorite, both healthwise and environmentally! I’m sure you will love them to – simple and easy that can be done in time for Valentine’s Day.

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non candy Valentines ideas for kids

1) Lego Cards

My son saw these on my computer and went a little crazy. So I’m guessing we will be handing these out for his Valentine ‘s Day cards. Perfect for your obsessed Lego fan and fun too! You can make your own card or print out the free printable she has with this craft. (The Resourceful Mama)

Lego packs as non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

2) Wild For You

This card is perfect for your preschool to hand out to his/her class. You can buy organic animal crackers and use these adorable little burlap bags instead of plastic cellophane. You can download the card and make the tags simply and easily. (The Girl Creative)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

3) Will Zoo Be Mine?

These were just the cutest cards that caught my eye! Reusing cardboard boxes from Amazon or Costco, these little safari animals are bound to make any kid way more excited than some candy! (Blue Robin Cottage)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

4) Fruit Valentine Tags

This just made my fruit-lovin’ heart happy! Put an apple, orange, or cutie in a little resuable mesh bag and it’s a win all around! This free printable makes this non-candy Valentine card perfect for kids. (Craftaholics Anonymous)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

5) You Make Me Smile

Ok, I’m gonna be honest – if my kids came home with a toothbrush on their Valentine’s Day card, I would seriously want to give that parent a high five! Kids really do love cute, character toothbrushes like these. They do, after all, need to brush all that sugar off! To make it more eco-friendly, forget the cellophane baggies and just staple the card on the packaging! (Lansdowne Life)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

6) Handmade Seeded Valentine’s Cards

I’ve always thought it’d be such a great idea to give out Valentine’s that the kids can actually do something with – so planting one seems like such fun! This seeded Valentine heart can be planted to grow into a flower – whichever seeded paper you decide to get. This eco-friendly card is sure to be a hit as the love just keeps growing! (Diary of a SoCal mama)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

7) DIY Valentine’s Bracelet Kit

If you’re looking for a fun craft to do at a class party, at home with the kids, or as a great gift for classmates, this DIY bracelet kit project would be a great option! Putting the kits together with your child and talking about which friend gets which bracelet makes this activity fun and meaningful! (Crafts Unleashed)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

8) Valentine’s Bird Seed Hearts

Whether you’re just going to make these with your kids at home or make them for friends, these bird seed hearts would be adorable to hang outside. Simple and easy, this craft can easily make great gifts! (thriftyJinxy)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

9) Friendship Bracelets

Another great project that can be meaningful while avoiding the candy aisle. There are so many ways you can make friendship bracelets, and here is a cute printable to use as the card. (Hart & Sew)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

10) Star Wars Valentine’s

If you’ve got a house full of boys like I do, anything Star Wars will always be a huge hit! And these cute cards are bound to be too! (Stitch Craft Creation)

Star Wars as on-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

11) The Write Valentine Card

You can never go wrong with writing utensils! Pencils are a perfect candy-replacement – useful and fun with the large variety that you can find now. These lead pencils would be perfect for girls, while the boys might like these. (Bits of Everything)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

12) Printable Valentine Bookmarks

Who can’t use bookmarks, especially with all the reading kids SHOULD be doing! Nothing to this craft, just print and add some ribbon and you’ve got a great gift. (Positively Splendid by Amy Bell)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

13) We Make A Great Pair

Socks. Enough said! (Saltwater-kids)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

14) Toad-ally Awesome

I’m not sure why, but my kids get obsessed over any little rubber toy they are given, which makes these rubber toads perfect for cards. The kids are sure to love this non-candy option! (Crap I’ve Made)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

15) You Rule Valentine’s

For years I’ve wished my kids would get ruler Valentine’s cards because for some ridiculous reason, we do NOT have a ruler in our house! How crazy is that? I might just have to do these this year for my daughter’s preschool class! (Relocated Living)

Non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

16) Pirate Patches

I just love the idea of kids wearing these patches around all day! (Pretty Prudent)

Pirate patches as non-candy Valentine's ideas for kids

These 16 DIY projects are the perfect non-candy Valentine’s ideas for kids! You and your kids will have a great time making these Valentine’s for friends and family!

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Have a great Valentine’s Day – keep it simple, keep it clean!!


DIY non candy valentines ideas for kids
Non candy DIY Valentines ideas for kids
Non candy Valentines diy for kids
These non-candy Valentine\'s Day ideas for kids will help you have a sugar-free, clutter-free holiday! Ditch the sugar for eco-friendly Valentine\'s gifts and DIY Valentine\'s cards both kids and parents will love. #candyfreevalentines #ecofriendlyideas #clutterfree #diyprojects #schoolgifts

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  1. Great post. My grandson can’t bring in any food whatsoever to school. Great ideas.

      • I’m a retired teacher. We did not have those restrictions in our school. I think it’s a good idea.

  2. Gah!! I LOVE these ideas – the kids get ENOUGH candy! I am totally going to do one of these – the legos and bracelet kits are my fave!!

  3. I love these creative alternatives to candy. My favorites are: Lego Valentines, bird seed hearts, tooth brushes, and the socks! 🙂 I’m sharing this!

  4. Love these ideas. Going to talk about the list with my kindergartener and plan on a non candy surprise for her class!

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