Organizing Your Kids’ Clothes: Say Goodbye To Dressers!

It’s been the never-ending task organizing my kids’ clothes and decreasing the amount of laundry I have to do. With an active 5.5 year old, a 2.5 year old, and an 11 month old who I have to change outfits 2-3 times a day, clothes have become my nemesis. I’d had enough! I was going to minimize my children’s clothes collection if it was the last thing I did! I read through a number of various articles on minimalism as it pertained to families, and took a few suggestions here and there that I could actually put into action.

There were various suggestions of creating wardrobe capsules or putting everything in a box for a month and only using the bare minimum. The goal with this idea is that at the end of the month, you’d keep the clothes you pulled out and give the rest away. This was just a bit much for me to handle mentally, particularly since we really had no room in our basement for more boxes (it’s truly amazing the stuff you accumulate over 9 years of marriage and family!).

How to organize kids' clothes and declutter kids bedrooms


Finding A New System

I came up with my own solution. My two oldest were sharing a room by now, and I had to move all my daughter’s clothes over. The thing was, my oldest had the only dresser in the room. So I looked around at what I had and realized I had a 9 cube organizing structure that had toys in it. After eliminating a ton of toys (more on that later) this structure was practically empty! So I decided to use it to store all my daughter’s clothes. As I went through her wardrobe, I kept each category of clothing to around 6-8 pieces each and bagged up the rest. Here’s what my daughter’s “dresser” looks like now:

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All my daughter’s clothes can fit in these cubicle bins.

Categories of Clothes

I liked that I could add some “pizz-azz” to the room with the colored bins (which my daughter got super excited about!). Each bin holds a specific category of clothing:

  • short-sleeve shirts
  • long-sleeve shirts
  • shorts/skirts
  • long pants
  • underwear
  • socks
  • shoes
  • pajamas
  • cloth pull-ups

There’s plenty of room in each bin as she goes up in size and I’m able to have all the seasons out at one time. Once you make the decision to minimize and control the number of clothes, it becomes so much easier to keep rooms clean. On the plus side, she already knows what bins her clothes go into and can help put laundry away at 2 years old.

Here’s a peek into a few of her bins:

My daughter’s short sleeve shirt bin – plenty of room left!


All her underwear – a little 2.5 year old needs multiple pairs!


Kids don’t need a lot of shoes as it is. Church shoes, sandals, and tennis shoes – good to go!


We’ve had this set-up as her dresser for several months now, and I love it! It makes the entire laundry element of raising kids simple, organized, and easy. Plus, being able to incorporate my little girl into putting her clothes away at such an early age is a wonderful perk! She wouldn’t be able to do this if she had a dresser. She loves her “bins” and we now refer to them by name (i.e. “shoe bin”). Organizing my kids’ clothes has never been so easy!

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My daughter wanted to be part of the action while I took photos!


I got the bins and cubicle set at Target. I’ve used a few different kind of bins in the past five years of raising kids, and the Target bins have been the sturdiest ones I’ve used. They also come in so many fun colors – my daughter wanted more colorful ones while my son chose more neutral shades for his cubicle set. They are a bit pricy, but still cheaper than buying a whole new dresser!

If you’ve started to declutter and minimize the laundry in your house, this might be a system that could work for organizing your kids’ clothes. It saves on space and helps involve your children in laundry day, a win on both accounts for this mom!

How to organize kids' clothes and declutter bedrooms

How to organize kids' clothes and declutter bedrooms

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  1. Looks so pretty! One tip I’ve implemented in all our dressers is putting the clothes in drawers upright. This way I can easily see each item and don’t need to dig through anything to find a specific item. Love this method!

  2. What a genius idea!!! I organize my daughters clothes the same way (just makes life A LOT easier), but the new “dresser” idea you have is brilliant! It takes up so much less room and is so practical!

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