How To Properly Dilute Your Essential Oils

I absolutely love my essential oils! I use them pretty much all the time and for pretty much every illness that strikes our house. I carry a roller bottle in my purse and carry one in my diaper bag. They have been incredibly helpful and effective! At the first sign of a stuffy and/or runny nose, I whip out my Lavender and Immune Strength for the kids. When my eyes start itching and watering, I grab my Seasonal Discomfort blend that I’ve made (you can read about my go-to blend for allergies here).

However, in the many hours of research I’ve done about essential oils, blends, and dilution rates, it became very clear to me that there was a lot of misinformation on the internet – particularly where essential oil “recipes” were being recommended. I grew extremely frustrated when I found clearly opposing information where essential oils was concerned.

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For the new essential oil user, it can be a rather intimidating and overwhelming load of information that needs to be processed. The conflicting information that’s out there only makes things worse, and many people I know have just thrown their hands up and walked away.

So hopefully this can make things easier for all you essential oils users – both newbies and veterans!

Essential oils need to be respected for their power and used properly. If you come across a roller bottle recipe that calls for anything over 15 drops of oil, quickly click out of there. The following chart comes from the company Rocky Mountain Oils, a trusted and quality source of essential oils, and is all you need when it comes to preparing and using your oils to their good and full purpose.

The proper dilution rate chart for blending your essential oils. according to Rocky Mountain Oils website./em>


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The percentage of dilution depends on how old the person is. Below are the recommended ages per dilution rate:

  • 0.5% – for infants 6-24 months old (avoid “hot” essential oils)
  • 1% – for children over 2 years old, the elderly, and immunocompromised individuals. Also use this dilution rate for daily skin care regimens that you are using oils with.
  • 2% – for adult and the maximum recommended dilution for children age 2+
  • 3%-5% – for acute areas that will require a short term application on a small area

There you have it! Hopefully that is straightforward and simple for you to use when diluting your essential oils. Don’t be intimidated by oils; rather, embrace this new and powerfully effective approach to you and your family’s health!

Have any questions or comments/suggestions regarding essential oils? Please drop them below in the comments and visit our page here to learn more about essential oils!