Storing Essential Oils At Home or On the Go

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When I started using essential oils, I fell in love with their healing properties almost immediately. It took awhile, however, to figure out what blends I wanted to make and how I would store them. A friend recommended roller bottles and so I checked them out online. I purchased my first set of amber roller bottles and haven’t looked back since!

Roller and Spray Bottles

Using roller bottles allows you to make as many different blends as you want and is easy for transportation. I usually end up keeping a bottle in my purse, my diaper bag, and on my bed stand. It’s so simple – whenever you have a need for an essential oil blend, just whip out the right one and swipe it across the back of your neck and on your wrists. Done! It couldn’t get any easier!

These are the  roller bottles I use and that are typically recommended (due to their amber color, which protects the oils from UV light).  They are practically indestructible – I have dropped mine countless times and miraculously, they haven’t broken! Here is a very good priced set that gives you 12 bottles, plus labels (very necessary to know what blends are which), and a bottle top remover.

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Spray bottles are wonderful options for uses such as spritzers, sanitizers (hands, surface areas, air, clothes), perfumes, and application on larger body surfaces. Just use filtered water or witchhazel, add your essential oils, and spray away. I have found these extremely helpful for odor eliminators in the car, bathroom, kids’ bedrooms (especially after a full diaper!), pillows and bed sheets, and on my dogs’ beds. I use these sprayers for those purposes (and they are on sale as of writing this post!) and these bigger spray bottles are great for cleaning purposes. Take a look at those ratings – it doesn’t get much better than that with over 1,700 customer reviews!

Storage Cases for Your Oils

Now that you have your oils and roller bottles, how do you store them in your medicine cabinet? I started out just putting them on the top shelf (so the kiddos couldn’t get to them) but quickly realized that I was going to have too many. Plus, I was knocking them over when I would reach for one. That’s when I found this adorable travel case to keep my bottles in. It has a hard outer shell to fully protect your bottles. It is small and compact enough to easily put in your purse or travel bag. It holds up to 10 roller bottles and comes in a variety of colors to choose from. As you can see, I’m a fan of pink!

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My pink roller bottle case, which is just the right size for travel and easy transportation!


You can see it zipper-opens to contain space for 5 bottles on one side and 5 on the other side – with a protective piece of material in between.

The bottles fit nice and snug inside, with no rolling around or hitting up against each other.


I love this case. In fact, I need to get another one for the kids’ rollers!

Now for the actual essential oil bottle itself, I found this Hytek Gear Essential Oil Carrying Case that can hold up to 30 bottles. If you’re looking for a bigger case, the same company has this 56 bottle case option as well. I have different size bottles for my oils and I love the soft inside that allows the slots to be flexible.


And again, easily portable if necessary and can fit into your bag nicely.


So there you have it! Simple, easy to store and transport, and most importantly, keeps your essential oils safe and all in one place. Now I have to get myself a few more for my upcoming essential oils purchase for the fall/winter!