What You Need To Know About the Vitamin C Protocol

Vitamin C (or known as ascorbic acid) has long been known for treating illnesses such as scurvy, whooping cough, RSV, colds, the flu virus, and even in the treatment of cancer. However, many studies researching the effectiveness of Vitamin C claim it has little to no impact in helping severe symptoms.

There is one big reason for this – the AMOUNT of Vitamin C taken is much too little. The suggested daily dosage when sick ranges from usually 500mg-1,000mg and, when looking closely at how the body absorbs and utilizes ascorbic acid, we can see why this isn’t nearly enough when our immune systems are fighting off a virus. More recent studies have successfully used megadoses of Vitamin C given intravenously to treat patients with cancer and neurological pain.


Various sources of fruits can contain the vitamin C our bodies need.


How Does Our Body Use Vitamin C?

Our bodies are incapable of producing Vitamin C on its own. That’s why our diet is an important factor in providing Vitamin C to our bodies as well as using supplements. The presence of Vitamin C in our bodies help strengthen our immune system, as well as assist with the lining of our blood vessels and the membranes in our cells.

Our bodies do not store Vitamin C, so it is used up relatively quickly or excreted through our bodies’ bowel movements. This explains why consistent dosages, especially in time of illness, are so important.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps boost the immune system, helps fight against free radicals in the body, supports the brain, promotes a healthy heart, and enhances the skin.

During times of stress, the onset of illness, anxiety, or other health issues, the body is rapidly depleted from its supply of Vitamin C. Nobel-prize winner Linus Pauling devoted a large portion of his career to the study of Vitamin C and the body, particularly the AMOUNT that the body actually required to fight off life-threatening illnesses and diseases.


Adding lemon to your water can increase your vitamin C daily intake.

How Much Vitamin C Should We Take When Sick?

This is debateable on many fronts. The FDA’s daily recommendation is 60mg; this is, however, the minimum amount suggested. Linus Pauling is said to have taken 12,000mg a day in his belief that our bodies required 200 times more than the RDA (recommended daily amount).

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A decade-long study conducted at UCLA showed that men who took 800mg of Vitamin C had less heart disease and lived six years longer than those that took the RDA.

Since the body secretes the Vitamin C it doesn’t use through bowel movements, it’s actually more advantageous to take it multiple times throughout the day rather than all at once, especially when fighting off an illness. That’s where the “Vitamin C Protocol” becomes important in fighting the increased free radicals in the body.


Increasing your daily intake of vitamin C has many benefits.

The Vitamin C Protocol

Natural and more holistic-minded individuals will turn to alternative methods when treating common ailments like the cold, allergies, flu, coughing, and even cancer diagnoses. And one of those options include megadoses of Vitamin C

What is a megadose?

Well, the healthy individual is capable of taking 4,000-15,000mg of Vitamin C a day without getting diarrhea. Remember, the body will begin to excrete the excess amount via bowel movements when it isn’t using it all. So it’s safe to say that your trips to the bathroom and consistency are a good indicator on whether you are taking enough Vitamin C!

When your body is fighting off an illness, it will require even MORE Vitamin C – even as much as 10-20 times more!

The best way to test your body’s tolerance is by starting off with 2-3grams of Vitamin C (absorbic acid powder) mixed in with 8 ounces of water.

Remember, you are finding your tolerance for 24 hours (not for one single dose!).

If you reach your body tolerance within 24 hours, then back off your intake by 20-25%.

Your body will use up most of your supply of Vitamin C within an hour, which is why it’s important to consistently keep your body supplied with it. Continue to take the dosage until you reach body tolerance again, then decrease by another 20%. As your body fights off the illness and becomes healthier, you won’t need as much to reach body tolerance.

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Keep in mind that your daily dosage as a healthy person will be much higher than the RDA of 60mg.

Protocol Tips

  • If you are extremely sick, you will most likely need to start off dosing every 30-60 minutes as your body will use up the Vitamin C MUCH faster.
  • Have a notebook ready to keep track of your dosages, the amount, and what time they were taken.
  • Vitamin C powder (pure ascorbic acid) is highly concentrated. 1 teaspoon is usually about 5 grams of vitamin C, so start with a ½ of teaspoon.
  • Be sure to use powder form as opposed to store-bought pills as the pills most likely contain synthetic fillers and additives, lessening the effect of the Vitamin C.
  • Also make sure your Vitamin C powder is non-GMO, as most is actually GMO.

I found the chart below on this website, which I found very helpful for consideration of dosages according to your specific health needs and weight:

 mg. of Vitamin “C”  Body Weight  Number of Doses  Amt. per dose
35,000 mg. 220 lbs. 17-18 2,000 mg
18,000 mg 110 lbs. 18 1,000 mg.
9,000 mg. 55 lbs. 18 500 mg.
4,500 mg. 28 lbs. 9 500 mg.
2,300 mg. 14-15 lbs. 9 250 mg.
1,200 mg. 7-8 lbs. 9 130 – 135 mg.


I have personally found this helpful when our family has been exposed to, well, anything really! My children were around a famly member all weekend with a severe cough, and were staarting to cough themselves. I gave them each some naturally flavored Vitamin C in water and oranges every day, and thankfully their symptoms subsided. Ever since learning about the Vitamin C protocol, my husband and I have staved off Influenza A, whooping cough, colds, and respiratory illnesses!

Have you ever used the Vitamin C protocol? What has been your experience? We’d love to hear from you!!


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12 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About the Vitamin C Protocol”

  1. I wish I would of saw this last week when me and LO were super sick! I’m definitely going to try the protocol next time illness comes our way though. Thank you for the great information.

  2. This is a really helpful article. My family takes Vit C daily, esp. in the cold and flu season. The doses in the chart are really high! We take 1000 mg daily which I thought was pretty high. It’s good to know that our bodies will exctete what we don’t need. Thanks!

  3. This is reallly interesting. I always knew that increase in Vitamin C was good when trying to fight a cold but that’s about all I really knew. I’m definitely going to look more into this and increase our Vitamin C intake.

  4. We have used this protocol many times. It takes about 10 mg of Vitaminc C for me to start having diarrhea and I almost ALWAYS am completely cured of my cold the next day. I am pretty aggressive and as soon as I start to feel the slightest bit run down, I start dosing with Vitamin C.

  5. This was such interesting information. I always take Vitamin C when I get sick, but I thought that taking 1000 mg a day was a lot, and I’ve never tried spacing it out. I will be trying this next time I feel like I’m coming down with something! What brand do you use? I’m always looking for a natural supplement.

    • For the kiddos I use a Vitamin C powder packet from my online health store. It tastes like juice and we all love it! I’ve also use Vitacost and Nutribiotic – they are much more sour/tart so I combine them in juice if I have to. :p

  6. This is super helpful – especially the table with the dosages! I am a firm believer in using Vit C to boost the immune system, especially during cold and flu season! I’ve always said that if I could have any superpower, I’d want to make my own Vit C 🤣

  7. I prefer to eat Vitamin C in fruits and vegetable instead in tablets. That way you can arrange required dose with every snack – pepper, broccoli, orange, grapefruit or pineapple are my favourite.

  8. Oh wow! This is great information! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Like others, I use Vitamin C while sick, but I definitely don’t space it out as much as I should… I wish I would have had this information last week when both my son and I were super sick!!

    • I’m glad it can be helpful!! I know, every time my kids were sick I’d be googling how much to give them, so hopefully people can bookmark this for future reference!

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